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Certified Diamonds

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Certified diamonds from the GIA, AGS and HRD. Wholesale prices certified diamonds direct from internet jewelers. These same GIA AGS and HRD certified diamonds sell for a fraction of the retail jewelry store price. Even ethical Canadian diamonds are incredibly wholesale priced.
certified diamonds

Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds are graded by independant third party laboratory. Diamond wholesalers and diamond brokers have always demanded certified diamonds from a independant laboratory such as the GIA, HRD, or AGS. Certified diamonds accurately determine the diamonds value factors (carat, clarity, color and cut).

Retail jewellers make tremendous profits by selling inferior non certified diamonds. In many cases they sell a diamond clarity and diamond color at least two grades below the actual diamond grade. These criminal retail jewellers will also sell non certified diamonds of extremely poor cut quality.

Certified diamonds take the guess work out of a diamonds value factors. Demand a certified diamonds graded by one of the three independant labs described below. Even better, find a certified diamonds wholesaler.

Certified Diamonds - Diamond Certificate

GIA Gemological Institute of America Certified Diamonds

GIA certified diamonds are the standard for North American certified diamonds. The GIA or Gemological Institute of America independantly grades and certified diamonds from labs in New York and California.

Certified diamonds from the GIA are typically sold for a premium in retail jewellery stores (thousands more that non certified diamonds). Since the cost to certify a diamond at the GIA is little more than $100, it lead question the poor quality that retail jewellers are selling non certified diamonds.

Comparing GIA certified diamonds to other types of certified diamonds from third party labs we see the GIA as being the most strict with its standards. Clarity, color and carat grades on the GIA certified diamonds compare equally to HRD and AGS. However, the highest cut grade on a GIA certified diamond is Excellent polish and excellent symmetry. Which is equivalent to ideal cut AGS certified diamonds or HRD very good polish very good symmetry certified diamonds. The ideal cut diamonds terminology is not used on GIA certified diamonds.

HRD Diamond High Council Certified Diamonds

HRD certified diamonds are the standard certified diamond in Europe. 80% of the worlds diamonds are traded in Belgium, HRD or Diamond High Council in certifies many of the worlds certified diamonds. The diamond high council independantly evaluates the carat, color, clarity and cut grades of the certified diamonds.

By demanding quality certified diamonds from the HRD. The HRD certified diamonds is the first independant diamond certificate and to many is the comparison for certified diamonds.

AGS American Gemological Society Diamond Certificate

AGS certified diamonds have become quite popular as of late mainly because of the "ideal cut" certified diamonds cut grade. The highest AGS certified diamonds grade is called a AGS triple zero diamond. It is important to note that an ideal cut AGS certified diamonds can be equivalent excellent GIA certified diamonds or very good HRD certified diamonds.

It is best to discuss certified diamonds cut grade of the various certified diamonds with a diamond grading professional. Most excellent diamond wholesalers are also trained diamond graders and will explain the differences between certified diamonds. The carat, color and clarity grading of AGS certified diamonds is about the same as found in GIA or HRD certified diamonds.

Always avoid certified diamonds with obscure diamond certificates. These are designed to fool the consumer into purchasing a inferior diamond. Another trick is that retail jewellers try to sell certified diamonds graded by their own gemologists. These are NON CERTIFIED DIAMONDS!

By demanding GIA, HRD or AGS certified diamonds you will avoid the pitfalls and find a gorgeous diamond. Please click the arrow below to browse certified diamond diamond certificates

certified diamonds

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